Hello! I am a undergrade student of computational science at the University of Potsdam. I have a huge interest in everything regarding computers, especially low-level linux userspace and interaction with the kernel. I don't understand much about hardware design though, so I am not hacking on the kernel itself. I am a big fan of linux, but by no means a poweruser. As long as the OS just works, I am fine with it and just configure smaller things. I would probably get a breakdown trying to configure and use something like i3. My favorite programming languages are C# and Golang, although I like C too.

If you want to reach out to me, you can send an email to dorian (dot) stoll (at) tmsp (dot) io. If you want to send me encrypted email, you can import my GPG key with this command and use it.

gpg --recv-keys F1DACD02C619442A

If you don't want to trust the keyserver, you can download the key here, and import it manually: F1DACD02C619442A

Software that I use

  • Fedora
  • KDE, GNOME (for touchscreens)
  • Firefox
  • kwrite, gedit, nano (burn the witch!)
  • fish
  • Xournal++ for note-taking
  • JetBrains IDEs for development

Projects that I work on


A repository plus a collection of scripts and packages designed to make Fedora usable on Mircosoft Surface devices. It is built on jakeday's linux-surface project, and incorporates other projects by it's co-maintainer qzed


I am maintaining modified and upstreamed kernel sources and a TWRP build config for the Nokia 8 smartphone. I am also working on a project that tries to port "Project Treble" to the Nokia 8, to allow users to run any custom ROM using Generic System Images. Name plays on resident evil are an obligatory accessory for every package.


NOST is a modification of a leaked firmware flashing tool called OST for HMD Nokia phones. It focuses on making OST (easily) useable by end users, and to allow firmwares to be repacked and updated regardless of the latest version that has been leaked out of HMDs development department.

Kerbal Space Program Planet Modding

Although my involvement isn't as big as it was two years ago, I am still maintaining the Kopernicus mod for a game called Kerbal Space Program, a sandbox space and rocket simulator. Kopernicus allows you to modify the planets that can be reached ingame, and has spawned an entire community of planet modders using Kopernicus as a toolkit. Apart from updating Kopernicus to newer versions, I also often create small modlets to solve specific problem that I or a friend encountered, although I don't maintain them very well after the initial version.